Powerstream Net Metering Program Ontario

PowerStream established a Net Metering Policy for eligible customers wishing to participate in the Net Metering program. This program is in compliance with Ontario Regulation 541/05 – Net Metering.

Net Metering is a program whereby eligible customers with specific generation facilities can reduce their net energy costs by exporting surplus generated energy back onto the utility distribution system for credit against the energy the customer consumes from the distribution system.

Customers participating in the Net Metering program will have the net energy charge on their hydro bill adjusted according to the Net Metering Regulation. Essentially, the customer will receive a credit or an adjustment on their monthly (or bi-monthly) hydro bill for the energy exported onto the utility’s grid up to, but not exceeding the value of the energy consumed from the utility’s grid.

If Net Metering customers export more power than they import during a billing period, their excess credit is carried over into their next billing period. Excess energy credits from successive billing periods can be carried-over up to a maximum of ten months. Based on the billing cycle, PowerStream will determine the Account Clearing Month at which time all unused energy credits will be reduced to $0.00.

For HST purposes, the supply of energy to the customer and the exporting of energy on to the utility’s grid are considered to be separate supplies. As a result, the customer will be charged HST based on the gross supply of electricity rather than the net supply.

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