Alberta announces $36M rebate program for solar panels on homes, businesses

The Alberta government is putting up $36 million over two years for a rebate program to encourage rooftop solar panels on homes and businesses.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says more details are to come and the rebates are to be available as early as this summer.

Phillips says the use of solar panels has doubled since 2015 and the goal is to have new panels on 10,000 Alberta rooftops within three years.

“Albertans are keen on solar. Today’s announcement … will keep the momentum going,” Phillips said Monday.

“Energy efficiency matters to Albertans, and the province is way overdue.”

The program is expected to create 900 jobs in the next few years, and reduce solar installation costs by up to 30 per cent for homes and 25 per cent for businesses.

Phillips says the solar panels would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 100,000 vehicles off the road.

The program is part of Alberta’s larger climate change plan that includes a broad-based carbon levy on home heating bills and gas at the pumps.