Nova Scotia Power Net Metering Program

Enhanced Net Metering

Meet your own electricity needs—and possibly get paid for it!

Enhanced net metering allows you to connect a small renewable electricity project (e.g., wind turbine, solar panel, etc.) to the distribution grid through a meter that measures electricity flows in two directions.

You get credit for any electricity you feed into the grid and are paid for it at the retail class rate.

Under this program you can supply electricity to multiple meters under one account within a single distribution zone, up to an overall limit of 1 megawatt.

Who qualifies?

  • All Nova Scotia Power customers
  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Community/not-for-profit groups

Nova Scotia’s municipal electric utilities can opt-in if they desire. If you are a customer of a municipal electric utility, please check to see if it has opted in to the net metering program.