Ejot Asphalt Flashing JA3 [EJOT-JA3-SB-8x80-L016] [Ejot] $12.00

Ejot Asphalt Flashing JA3
EJOT Solar Flashing. The ideal solution for PV and solar thermal installations on residential buildings with asphalt THREE TAB shingle roofs and wood substructure or rafters. The EJOT Solar Flashing System for three tab asphalt shingle roofs includes the application-specific designed flashing, manufactured from 0.04” anodized aluminum; and the fastener made from 304 Stainless Steel, the EJOT JA3-SB-8.0x80/70 E22/3 (equivelant Imperial size: JA3-SB-5/16” x 3.15”/2.75” E22/3).

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