Solar Off-Grid Pkg 1080W [SOGP-1080-L003] [Dommelvalley Green Power] $6,188.00

Solar Off-Grid Pkg 1080W
Dommelvalley Green Power offers the most complete packages. Save Now: 1080W Solar / 2000Wac / 24VDC Solar Off-Grid Package includes: 1040W Solar, Solar Cables, Ground Wire, Ground Mount Racking, Combiner Box w/breakers, Midnite Classic 200 MPPT Charge Controller with Arc Fault & Ground fault Detection, 125A Mini DC Disconnect with 30A PV input Breaker, 63A Output Breaker, 4/0 Inverter Cable Pair, 4x Surrette Rolls 550Ahr 6V Batteries with 4/0 Battery Interconnection Cables, Midnite Battery Capacity Meter and Kisea 2000W 24VDC-120VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Winter 0.96kWh/day - Summer 4.32kWh/Day.