Solar Off-Grid Pkg 2200W [SOGP-22200-L003] [Dommelvalley Green Power] $13,108.00

Solar Off-Grid Pkg 2200W
Dommelvalley Green Power offers the most complete packages. Save Now: 2200W - 48VDC Solar Off-Grid Package includes: 2200W Solar Array, Ground Mount Racking, Solar Combiner/Disconnect, breakers, fuses, Solar Cables, Ground Wire, PreAssy Midnite E-Panel with Magnum 4448PAE 48VDC 120/240VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter and Midnite Classic 200 MPPT Controller with Arc Fault & Ground Fault Detection, Inverter Cable Pairs, 8x Surette S550 Flooded Batteries with Battery Interconnection Cables, Midnite Battery Monitor, Battery Hydrometer, 48V Battery Powervent. Winter 1.93kWh/day - Summer 8.60kWh/Day.


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