Solar Off-Grid Pkg 3600W [SOGP-3600-L003] [Dommelvalley Green Power] $16,189.00

Solar Off-Grid Pkg 3600W
Save Now: 3600W - 48VDC Solar Off-Grid Package includes: 3.6kW Solar Array, MC4 Solar Cables, Twelve Module Solar Ground Mount, Solar Combiner/Disconnect, Breakers, PreAssy Midnite Epanel with MS4448PAE 4.4kW Pure Sine Wave Inverter 48V, Midnite Classic 150 MPPT Charge Controller with Arc Fault & Ground Fault Detection, Inverter Cable Pair, Sixteen Surrette S-480 Flooded type Batteries with Battery Interconnection Cables, Midnite Battery Monitor and 48V Battery Power Vent. Summer 14.4kWh/Day - Winter 3.2kWh/day.