Power Vent 48V Battery Box Ventilator [BAT-VENT-48-L001] [Zephyr Industries] $185.00

Power Vent 48V Battery Box Ventilator
48V BATTERY BOX VENTILATOR & BACK DRAFT DAMPER. The POWER VENT was designed for use in remote home power systems. The concept arose from field experience of systems with enclosed battery boxes. Quite often the NEC required venting was found back drafting, thus cooling the battery bank and lowering its’ capacity as well as venting hydrogen gas into the structure.The POWER VENT alleviates this condition by keeping a gravity operated damper closed within the vent pipe except at times when the batteries are being charged and producing hydrogen gas. During these times the battery box is force vented with a low power, sparkless fan which overcomes the damper sending the gas outdoors. Size: 4" Dia. x 10". Air volume: 8 cfm.