HES UHES 1500 [UHES-1500-L001] [HESPV Home Energy Solutions] $17,259.00

The UHES features Hanwha solar and Fast-Rack mounting system, wired to an Outback MPPT charge controlle to maximize the output in all light levels. The high-capacity 8kW Outback Radian inverter delivers lots of power for household appliances. This clean sine wave model produces both 120 and 240 VAC, allowing things like well pumps to be installed in the system. It also has a powerful 100A/48V battery charger to quickly top up those batteries in winter. Hanwha/HES solar array with Fast-Rack VRM roof mounts (standard) MPPT charge controller with full metering High-capacity Pure Sine inverter, 120/240 VAC

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